How Do We Buy Homes Fast?

How do we buy Homes fast in Cleveland, OH? It’s simple. We are not real estate agents. We are professional real estate investors – cash buyers. We pay cash for Homes and schedule the closing quickly. Since we buy Homes fast, we can often help you stop a foreclosure. We buy Homes in Cleveland and surrounding suburbs in any condition, so there is no need to repair your Home, even if it needs extensive maintenance.

We have developed a network of professional real estate buyers who also pay cash for Homes and close fast. So regardless of your situation, we will buy your Home fast. In fact, we will select a quick closing date!


The Process – How We Buy Homes

You can expect courteous and professional service from Inner City Investments. Here’s how the process of buying your Home works:

  1. Contact Us – The process begins when you call us at 216-253-8527 or complete the SELL YOUR HOUSE form. Tell us as much detail about your situation as possible. After you contact us, we will begin our research to determine property values for your subdivision and arrive at an offer price for your Home. We can even call you, if you like and discuss the offer over the phone.
  2. Walk Through – Then we’ll schedule a quick walk through of your Home to determine what repairs are needed and the total cost of repairs.
  3. Offer – Within 24 hours of the walk through, we’ll call you to present an offer price for your Home. Then, after that, we’ll follow up with a written offer. And remember, with every offer we make, there are no real estate commission costs to you!
  4. Simple Contract – If you decide to accept our offer to buy your Home, we will prepare a simple purchase agreement using the standard 1 page agreement.
  5. Professional Closing – Finally, after you choose to move forward, we’ll schedule the closing at a local, professional title company, usually within 30 days. At closing, you pay no real estate commissions, just standard closing costs. And we’ve even negotiated reduced closing fees with our preferred title company!

How To Get Started

The process is simple and painless! Why not call us at 216-253-8527  or click  SELL YOUR HOUSE link so we can begin the process, answer your questions and present a cash offer for your Home. Get started right now. There is no obligation to you. We Buy Homes Fast. Call today!