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We buy junk houses and we also buy pretty houses that need no work as well.

Whether you have a ton of equity or no equity or totally up-side down, you should READ ON!!!!

Junker House Owners

If you have a junk house, there is no need for you to do any repairs. Since we are not picky about the condition of the house. We see junk houses as a polished diamond that has already been cut. You can start saving now by finding out exactly what it is that we can do for you.

Don’t let somebody beat you up on the price. Call 216-253-8527.

Pretty House Owners

If you have a pretty house that won’t sale, you should act now. Homeowners just like you have been helped with a pretty house that just wouldn’t sale. The owners needed for full asking price and there was no equity. One family in particular decided to call us and had their house under contract within 2 days and they lived in Florida. Never met them and they got what they wanted from the deal.

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Plenty of Equity Owners

We know that you want to keep most, if not all of your equity. Taking that in consideration lets us make you the highest offer possible so you can get what you want out of your house.

In most cases, if you have a lot of equity, we can net you more than you would typically make by selling through a realtor. As with all of our offers there is no real estate Realtor commission to pay. No tricky fees. In some cases we pay all of the closing cost, which can save you even more money.

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Little to No Equity Owners

Times like this when you really need to sale, you find less options than others you heard about. When there is little to no equity, in most cases you have to go into your own pockets in order to sale your house.

Has a realtor told you that you need to come to closing with $5,000 for them to sale your house? If you don’t have, then your options have slim close to none. Even if you do have the money, you still want to spend as least as possible when selling your house.

With us, we can buy your house without you having to borrow money to sale your house. This can mean a lot when you need to sale. There is a chance you may receive little or money, only because you have little or no equity, so there’s little or equity to pull from.

But you can be rid of the problem that kept holding you back by calling 216-253-8527.

Totally Up-Side Owners (owe more than house is worth)

There are still very few options available for you. You might have to come to the table with some cash, but guaranteed that you will pay less than you would with your local Realtor. In some cases, we have been able to owners that were up-side down cash. But if your only reason for contacting us is to selfishly expect some cash, and then you will be turned away immediately.

We are investors and can help some homeowners get the cash they need in order to move on. Our goal is to help reasonable homeowners out of some unfortunate situations. If you are up-side down don’t expect to receive $10-15,000. It’s just not going to happen and if that is what you are looking for, move on. For the reasonable homeowners that need to sale for whatever reason, I am sure that we can help you get what you need to move on.

Homeowners are able to walk away from their homes with the lender satisfied. If you want to be one of the homeowners Call 216-253-8527

Facing Foreclosure

If your lender has served you with a notice, chances are you still have time to sale your house. We are not attorneys so we don’t know much about the law, but one thing we do know is how to buy houses. And yours can be one of them.

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